Bobbing For Love

Amy W by Amy

Single ladies don’t need to wait until a wedding’s bouquet toss to see if they’re next in line to get married. It turns out apple bobbing on Halloween can reveal the same thing. Yes, the game with a water-filled tub full of apples where you try to grab an apple hands-free only using your mouth.

How it works… the first person to snatch an apple will be the first to snatch a husband. Get it on the first try and marry your true love. But don’t worry, even if you don’t get it first that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the experience. Put the bobbed apple under your pillow on Halloween night and you’ll dream about your future husband.

I know, it isn’t ideal. Especially after the hours spent getting the perfect look together as sexy nurse, sexy witch, sexy “insert anything here”… admit it, single ladies on the lookout for Mr. Right aren’t dressing up as crooked-nose-with-a-wart witch, patch-eye pirate or a plump pumpkin.

So, go ahead and have your fun night on the prowl. But before you go home, get together with all your single friends and bob for love.

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